About Us

About Us


The best way to predict the future is to create it.”


Ati-Naghsh Hamraz Company was founded by a creative and motivated team in 2001. The company has been active in the fields of architecture, structure, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment and urban design till now. The company’s focus is on innovation and creativity, thanks to its experienced professional team. Continuing their research, studying and teaching programs, the team members try to play their role in the on-going process of social-economical-cultural growth of the country.

The company holds two professional licenses from the Management and Planning Organization of Iran: A qualification license for the design of residential, business, commercial, industrial and military buildings; and a license for the design of educational, sports and medical buildings along with the qualification for supervision of construction for all the above-mentioned buildings.


Over recent decades, Iran’s construction and architectural/engineering services have shown considerable improvements. Nevertheless, this field suffers from undesirable taste in design and material selection, which is probably due to the overflow of financiers and constructors toward this section, along with the huge amount of low quality imported material. It is crucial for the specialists and engineers to have medium-term and long-term plans in order to solve this issue and enhance their professional prestige. To achieve this, Ati-Naghsh Hamraz consultants try to gather young graduated designers and teach them the fundamentals and commitments of the profession via creating an educational space along with professional activities.

One of the main goals of the company is to offer high quality and up-to-date architectural/engineering services based on sustainable development, which makes the company a good competitor among other companies for governmental and non-governmental projects.

Beside knowledge of the profession, time management is also of great importance. Thanks to their organized archive of architectural information and details, Ati-Naghsh Hamraz consultants manage to reduce the required time for design and preparation of their projects. This also helps the clients and construction teams to save time.

Considering the future of this field and the upcoming opportunities to take some projects in other countries, the company aims to obtain international licenses for project management according to the latest standards. Along with commitment to all professional principles, considering national interests and environmental matters is a great concern for the company.