Architectural Design

We develop new architectural ideas via form and plan designs for our clients according to their requests as well as the needs of their projects. The design process is conducted according to conceptual, physical and performance-oriented approaches with close attention to the demands and functions of the project. For this matter, the main concept is initially presented as phase 1 architectural drawings and illustrative posters. Also, a maquette or an animation of the project will be provided for a more vivid imagination if the project is a large-scale one. As of phase 2 of the architectural presentation, constructional drawings will be provided with all the required details according to structural, electrical and mechanical drawings.



Structural Design

Our mission is to design structures according to architectural forms using steel or concrete constructions, yet maintaining the originality of the architectural designs. The structural drawings completely match those of mechanical, electrical and phase 2 of architecture. There will be no incompatibility between drawings, therefor construction will not face any difficulties regarding this matter. Applying the latest regulations and using the latest design software for calculation and drawing are some of the strong points of our structural design team. The process of structural design include studying the results of geotechnical reports, choosing the best structural system with close attention to economical provisions and the scale of the project, arranging proper methods of excavation and retaining structures and calculation and design the structural system.      

Mechanical & Electrical Design

A great challenge lies ahead of building designers in maintaining coordination between architecture, structure and mechanical-electrical equipment. Having all of these provisions during the design process affects the final design of the building. All of the above-mentioned aspects are considered from the early phases of design in Hamraz Consultants’ projects, thanks to our experienced team of engineers. Eventually, a complete array of services are provided for our clients, including proper drawings and calculation sheets as well as consultation offers in selection and purchase of equipment with best quality and price.




Naser Pirdavari

Chief Executive Officer

Mohammad Pirdavari

Vice President

Milad Pirdavari

Chair Man Of The Board

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